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Stress Management

Taking Time To Do The Things We Enjoy

If you feel tired and jaded and have little enthusiasm for life, it is possible that you aren't making time for fun. We all get into a grinding routine of getting up, going to work, coming home, doing more work, going to bed.

Leisure time is vital in order to keep enthusiasm for the other aspects of our lives. We have a right to this free time but often feel guilty about taking it. Work off tensions by gardening, pursuing a hobby, or joining a club.

Take time to be alone, doing nothing.

Burnout is a mental, physical, and emotional condition that is often not recognized until we are in real danger; it is often the result of "all work, no play."

These are some of the symptoms:

  1. Being permanently tired
  2. Having no enthusiasm for work, family, or friends
  3. Finding it difficult to laugh and getting upset very easily
  4. Having a feeling of impending doom hanging over you
  5. Suffering from backaches, headaches, and stomach aches
  6. Inability to sleep; or waking up in the morning feeling anxious and as tired as when you went to bed.

If some or all of the above apply, then you may be suffering from burnout. You may need to get professional help from a trained counselor or therapist to overcome burnout.