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'Yoga belongs to all human being with no differences of religion, colour, territory & language around the Glob. Hath Yoga (The foundation of Yoga) is a science that boosts immune system; restore strength, self-confidence, concentration and more to face the challenges in life. Yoga is a complete Art of living' – Swami Krishna Deo.


Thou art, O Lord! The creator of this universe. Thou art the protector of this world. Thou art in the grass and the rose. Thou art in the sun and the stars. Salutation unto Thee! O bestower of joy and bliss!’

‘O sweet Lord! Let me be free from the clutches of death. Let me be able to look upon all beings with equal vision. Let me be free from impurity and sin. Give me strength to control the mind.Give me strength to serve Thee and the humanity untiringly. Make me Thy fit instrument for Thy work. Make me pure and strong.’
“I offer my obeisance by word, mind and body to Maharishi Patanjali, Maharishi Ved Vyasa and to all other Rishis and Masters of Yoga, Who are like so many Suns to remove the darkness of ignorance”.

About Yoga

YogaMost of the people around the world learn and practice only yogasana (Postures) and they believe, this is YOGA ?? But it is not fact, Yoga is combination of science & spirituality.

The Truth - Yoga is not just a physical exercise, Yoga is much more than that. Yogasana is just a part of Yoga in real yoga.

According to the Yoga sutra of Maharishi Patanjli, there are eight-limbs of Yoga- Yama, Niyama, Ashana, Pranayama, Pratyahara, Dharana, Dhyana and Samadhi. That is called Ashtanga Yoga. Ashtanga Yoga is a complete art of living. (Details are in next page).

A brief philosophy of Yoga

The yogis consider that we are all searching for happiness and that this is everybody's main goal. It's just that most people settle for the brief, watered-down version of temporary pleasures.

The yogis state that at some stage in our spiritual evolution over many lives we will become dissatisfied with brief, temporary pleasures and start our quest for eternal bliss. Methods to achieve this were developed and perfected by the yogis of India thousands of years ago. They consider that nature's laws are so designed that we must evolve. The main mechanism nature uses in the early stages is pain. When we find that relationships, money or drugs, for example, do not produce happiness or a sense of purpose, we will start looking more deeply into life. Yoga waits patiently for you to reach this stage.

In the later stages of spiritual evolution, pain is no longer needed to spur us on. Each stage of progress produces such peace and happiness that this entices us to go to a higher level of happiness. Thus, instead of pain, reward becomes the prime mover.

What is yoga?

In practice, yoga is an applied science of the mind and body. It comes from the VEDAS (Holy Scriptures of Hindu ). Practice and study of it help to bring about a natural balance of body and mind in which the state of health can manifest itself. Yoga itself does not create health; rather, it creates an internal environment that allows the individual to come to his own state of dynamic balance, or health. Basically, yoga teaches that a healthy person is a harmoniously integrated unit of body, mind and spirit. Therefore, good health requires a simple, natural diet, exercise in fresh air, a serene and untroubled mind and the awareness that main's deepest and highest self is identical with the spirit of God. As a result, to many devotees, yoga becomes a philosophy that offers instruction and insight into every aspect of life: the spiritual, the mental and the physical. Of course, because it is all-encompassing, people who want to pick and choose from its smorgasbord can do so without being disappointed. Yoga is equally satisfying as a physical therapy alone.