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Our Mission

Mission Plantation

We inspire people to plant, nurture and celebrate life!

While there is no one solution to the world's ecological problems, it is a time tested fact that the simplest and the most effective solution is to just grow trees. For, every tree grown not only contributes directly to the local environment, but also has a deep cascading effect of regeneration and propagation of the entire ecological processes. So one can actually accomplish something as lofty and Herculean as 'saving the planet', simply by growing trees - lots and lots of them.


Mission PlantationWe have a vision of making our society clean and green.Everyone knows the importance of trees in purifying air, as natural resources, maintaining the ecological balance, preventing soil erosion, as medicines, habitats for faunal species, providing nutrients to the soil, etc. Another well known fact is that our country’s population is increasing continuously; on the contrary trees are reducing to a great extent. Since they are considered to be the backbone of the environment, therefore we have to motivate the society to plant more trees.  

We initiate plantation project for India (future vision around the globe). Initially decided to plant a minimum of 500 (Five Hundred Plants) or more for bigger companies and minimum 100 (One Hundreds Plants) or more saplings plantation for small company/institution, in their selected area or our selected areas, in one go and to nurture them. (under CSR projects or on any occasions).

You can also send your contributions in favour of ‘World Welfare Mission’ for less number of plants according to your wish, as an individual/organisation, and we will plant & protect the saplings in required/needy areas in your behalf.

Donation Details  for each plant                                                                 Break-Up Cost in(INR)
Cost of Plant - Neem (AZADIRACHTA INDICA ) Kalpvraksh                                  15.00
Fertilizer                                                                                                  5.00
Labor For plantation                                                                                  10.00
Water For irrigation(7-8 ltr per day till fixing the root)                                    15.00 
Administrative Expenses                                                                              5.00
Fencing( Height 3.5 Ft.)                                                                              650.00
Total INR (For Single Plantation)                                                                 700.00

Note: This is an approximate cost; it may differ depending on the area you have chosen for plantation.

Corporate Partnerships

Mission PlantationJoin with Us in Making a Difference

The World Welfare Mission is dedicated to working with our corporate partners to inspire people to plant, nurture, and celebrates life.

By partnering with the Mission, you will join a group of other well-respected companies and members who make a difference through tree-planting.

Every year, thanks to these mutually beneficial partnerships, thousand of trees are planted throughout the India.

Contact us today to learn how we can partner together.

Start a Customized Program with Us.

We offer a broad range of custom programs to fit your company's needs and goals. Please take a minute to review and feel free to contact us. We look forward to working with you.

Mission PlantationPaperless Programs

During these challenging economic times, we are pleased to offer your company the opportunity to do the right thing for the environment while you help your immediate bottom line.

Mission PlantationRain Forest Rescue

One of the most critical natural resources on our planet resides in an area that covers only 2% of the Earth's surface. Rain forests provide habitat and nutritional support for almost half of the world's known living species. Help us with preservation through our Rain Forest Rescue program.

Mission PlantationTrees for India

The Mission’s Trees for India program is central to our mission of inspiring people to plant, nurture, and celebrate life. Every year hundreds of thousands of tree planters eagerly anticipate the ten free trees they receive when they become a member of the Mission Plantation-World Welfare Mission or when they renew their membership. You can support people across the nation—or the tree planters in your state—by helping the World Welfare Mission continue to deliver these important Trees for India.

Mission PlantationNature Explore (Youth Awareness/Education)

Supporting the Nature Explore program means providing resources to make learning with nature part of children's daily lives—at colleges, elementary schools, institutions and other public places all across the country.

Donate Today

From replanting our nation's forests and preserving endangered tropical rain forests to connecting children with nature and delivering trees to avid tree planters all across the country, your donation will have a lasting impact on our world.

Corporate Donations

Welcome to the Corporate Partnerships online donation page. Thanks to your support, the impact we make on our world through our conservation and education programs is accomplished together. From replanting our nation's forests and preserving endangered tropical rain forests to connecting children/youth with nature and delivering trees to avid tree planters all across the country, your donation will have a lasting impact on our world.

Please inform us to make your donation. If you would like a Letter of Receipt e-mailed to you, please write us at

We inspire people to plant, nurture, and celebrate life.

You can send your individual / group/ institutional contribution in favour of ‘World Welfare Missionby Cheque / DD at World Welfare Mission, 149 A, Street No.37, Saraswati Enclave, M.D.Marg, Gopal Nagar, Surakh Pur Road, Najafgarh, New Delhi:110043.

Also you can send your contribution through online banking in favour of World Welfare MissionA/c No- 30027604828. NEFT code:-SBIN0001419. State Bank of India (Delhi Branch).

For regular contribution kindly give a ‘letter of instruction’ to your bank, mentioning above account number and details as  Monthly /Quarterly/Half yearly/Yearly /Life time mode of contribution.


You will get a certificate of appreciation from us for any participations/contribution as an individual or organization for supporting a great cause!

Any individual or group of inspired people want to support Mission Plantation physically or any other ways are welcome. Please contact us as soon as possible!

Together, we're making a difference.
We inspire people to plant, nurture, and celebrate Life.