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Stress Management

Spiritual Needs

Your feelings of stress or anxiety may be your mind's way of telling you to attend to your spiritual needs. The inspiration gained from spirituality is an essential part of the healing process. Mind, body, and spirit are inseparable. Making an overt connection with your spirit will provide healing for your mind and body. Prayer is a powerful healer as well. Praying for someone else is more effective than praying for yourself.

Belief in God helps put our problems in the right perspective. The ones we have no control on can be left to God to worry about. When there are problems that seem insurmountable, isn't it nice to believe that everything is for good and God has a reason for subjecting you to these problems. We will then see the positive side of these problems and will come out better from this experience. We have a section on prayer and spiritual healing where this subject is covered in depth.

Srimada Bhagwad Geeta (Holy Scripture for all) says:-