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Vibrational Meditation

Also called sounding meditation, this technique uses the repetition of a word or sound as its focal point. Vibrational meditation has appeal to those who find that making noise is a path to inner quiet.

We're taught to be nice and quiet as little children. Releasing sound and noise helps us release stress.

Here's how to begin.

Get on your feet. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, your knees slightly bent and your hips centered, as though you're about to squat. Or, if you wish, sit or lie down. Keep your body loose and comfortable with your arms at your sides or on your hips. Begin by taking a few cleansing breaths.

Pick a word, any word. Choose a word that alternates vowels and consonants-like "serenity." , ”Om”, “Om namah Shivaya” The word that you select doesn't necessarily have to be a spiritual one. But it’s good if you feel a divine love and bliss is pouring on you. It just has to feel good and strengthen when you say it.

Repeat after yourself. Repeat the word, chant the word, focus on nothing but saying the word over and over again. Let the sound of the word vibrate through your body. Let the word resonate up from your abdomen and let it go to your hands, your feet. Let your muscles move as you chant the word.

Some people have a tendency to clench their muscles when they're tense. It's important to roll the sound through your body so that you can clear out the tightness in your muscles. Doing so promotes the meditative state of relaxation that feels like a natural high.