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India-Tibet Border Force
Bank of India

Art of Happy Living Workshop' at Bank of India officers Training College, East India Zone.

Nice , soul elevating, relaxing and inspiring to start a lively life full of happiness, humility and openness & human relationship.

-Mr Girija Shankar Mishra, Branch Manager,Bank of India,Udala,Orissa.

Feeling calm & happy. Many impressive advices to live happily like smiling, thanking almighty God, praising others & different Yogasana will be beneficial to us all. Within limited time, we learn t a lot.

-Nalini Kumar Mohanty, Br. Manager,BOI.

Our experience with Swami jee is very nice and encouraging. His tips on laughing yoga is very good. He has educated a lot regarding a thinking, a positive thinking . and above all “ the thinking a big”.

- Sh. Shyamapada Biswas ( Sr. Manger- Bank of India ).

Excellent programme. Swamijee’s expression is just excellent!

- Mr Bikash Das( Sr.Branch Manager, Bank of India).

The course was very informative. We were informed about various ways of living healthy & happy. The activities performed was very helpful and beneficial and I shall incorporate it in my day to day life.

Mr Shinu Prasad( Manager, BOI, jalpaiguri).

YES ! this prgramme is very useful to everyone. I knew about myself and my strength!

-Mrs Kusum Kanti Soy, officer BOI. Ranchi.

This course is very good & useful for working women, because they have no time to look after himself. But I felt it is very easy and simple technique to prectice everyday.

-Ms Crimson Toppo, Officer, BOI, Ranchi.

Feeling good!

-Mr Shreenath Pradhan, Branch Manager, Bank ofIndia, Jyotingr, Orissa.

The course is very much helpful to us. But this shivir time should be longer. So that we can gain more from shivir. Lastly special thanks to Swami jee and his association for guiding and giving us a fruitful session in a short time.

-Mr Rajesh Prasad Mohapatra, Oficer, BOI,Raurkela, Orissa.

I knew many new things/tricks to be happy & to minimize office stress.

- Mr Pawan Kumar Newatia, Officer, BOI, chaibasa, Jharkhad.

I got there has something changes in my mind and also physically some part of my body which was not active have activated. Ultimately course was very effective!

-Mr Bimal Kumar Karoria, Officer, BOI, Jharkhand.

To me it is totally different & amazing experienc! Kind of freshness in my mind I felt!

Mr Avratanu Chanda, Officer, BOI, Burdman.

It is very helpful in day to day life, It is also helpful to live happily.

-Punendra Bhai Patel, Manager, BOI, Dhanbad.

It is helpful in stress management.

-Mr Nuneshwar Ram, Sr. Branch Manager, Baghwara Dhanbad.

We can heal and cleanse our whole body now and also others who are in stress. I myself first change my attitude, then try to change attitude of others, then nation and lastly world by positive thoughts.

- Mr Muralidhar Sahu. Staff officer, BOI, Raurkela.

This course is the simple way to eliminate stress of mind and how to heal myself with the help of simple " Yoga" .

-Mr Kartik Chandra Saha, Officer, BOI, Hooghly.

The experience is no doubt helpful in our daily busy life. So we can at least free our body, mind from any problem. also in home we can lead happiness. Yoga is very much vital for our health. due to lack of time & knowledge we could not do it. So here this experience is superb.

-Ms Sangita Biswas, Officer, BOI, Howrah.

Well, I am attracted with your class. I think positiveness is only way with which all should unite & from which our ultimate goal with our organization achieved. Definitely I share your benefits received here with my family, my office & my colleagues.

- Mr Naresh Kumar Mishra, officer, BOI.

Workshop helped us to remove our stress, we learn how to help each other & to be familiar with our family members in a new way like a new rising Sun.

-Mr Chitranjan kumar, Manager, BOI, Ranchi.

It is good for stress management.

- Mr Pradip kr choudhary, Senior Manager, BOI, Dum Dum , Kolkata.

This workshop is really use full and very much required in the present scenario. We work in branches whole day feeling stress. this workshop helps how to remove stiffness in mind & body due to long working hours and target pressure. Swami jee guided us with full of laughter with life. It is new energy for us.

-Mr Chandra Sekhar Biswas, Staff Officer, BOI.

Very good for the family and family members, every one should devote personally.

-Mr Narayan Sandil. Officer,BOI.

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