World Welfare Mission

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Project Ashram (World Welfare Mission).


A unique, international Home/Ashram for spiritual seekers, lonely, distress & depressed men, women, couples and children, who, they are in need of health, happiness & peace in life! The person desirous of staying in this home/ Ashram will first have to apply in writing by filling up a Registration form, with nationality Identity card, valid visa & passport. He/She has to be sponsored by another individual, group or organization. Age will not be a limited factor for applications because the whole concept revolves around the idea of spiritual seekers, distressed & depressed and ‘nowhere to go people’ and people looking for love, care, affection, healing, peace and spiritual upliftment. They will be allowed to stay here on a first come first serve basis for two days, seven days, nine days, one month, three months, or lifetime, depending on availability of space and need of the individual.


Several organizations and capable individuals from around the world have their intent to finance the project in cash or kind.


There will be two primary funding principals.

1. Nature-cure Treatment (Return to Nature- The science of Healing) + other modern scientific treatment and counseling centers like:
Yoga Therapy,
Healing Meditation,
Ayurveda Therapy,
Acupressure Therapy,
Music Therapy,
Water Therapy & other naturopathy treatment,
Quantum Healing,
Mantra Healing,
Stress Management,
Obesity management,
Scientific & Spiritual Counseling for stress and depression,
Scientific & Spiritual Counseling for healthy relationships,
Scientific & Spiritual Counseling for parenting.

2. Mission Membership: People who will donate to the project as one time or regular donor, under Mission Membership or without membership to promote Health, Happiness, Peace & Social welfare around the world.


    Home for all
    This is a place where all (who have love in their hearts for humanity) can stay irrespective of caste, creed, colour or religion. Separate homes/rooms for couples, single –ladies, single-gents, family and children. Initially a provision will be made for 500 inmates. Gradually this will be increased as per requirements.
  • Meditation Hall

    A large, specially built mass Yoga/ Meditation, Prayer & Spiritual discourses hall for all.
  • Living with nature

    There will be flower, fruit and herbal garden and provision for boating, musical fountains and waterfalls in Ashram premises to feel divine connectivity with nature.  
  • Community hall/ Conference room

    Eminent personalities /spiritual Gurus/Saints/ scientists will be invited to give awareness, advices, and guidance, talks on Health, Happiness, Peace, Spiritual & Art of Happy living, personality development and social upliftment issues.
  • Spiritual Recreation hall

    To promote Music, Dance, Art, Contemporary and Traditional Painting, Humour/comedy, play & bhajan/kirtan on spiritual and inspirational theme.
  • Annapurna: A food bank

    There will be free satwik(pure vegetarian) food centre/common hall with kitchen where lunch and dinner will be served free of cost every day as Prasad( desirous donor can donate separately for this Annapurna project) . However, there will be a separate paid food centre also where herbal tea, snacks, breakfast, lunch and dinner can be purchased.
  • Library

    There will be a fully equipped general library and e-library with spiritual books, life-inspiring books, magazine and newspapers for research and self-study.
  • Computers and internet

    An advance and fully equipped computer centre will also be established to keep the Ashram people abreast with the world. Visitors / tourists will be able to utilize this services /internet at cost.
  • Training & Research Centre

    Provision for separate Research & Training (career oriented/certificate courses) center for deserving candidates (preferably students from less privileged family. Age no bar) on these subjects:
    Yoga, Ayurveda, Naturopathy, Herbal Agro/plantation, Acupressure, Art of Happy Living, Stress Management, Humour/Comedy, Music(preferably Indian classical), Contemporary and Traditional Painting , Research and Language courses in Sanskrit, English, Hindi, etc. to serve the individuals and society around the world and to know Indian culture & tradition better.
  • Common Features

    Administrative offices, Water Reservoir, Generator Room, Solar System.
    Proposed feature in the future
  • Gurukul (Residential school & Colleges)

    Saparate Gurukulfor research on Veda, Upanishads, All Holy scriptures, Yoga , Naturopathy and Art of Happy Living to uplift humanity- Spiritually, Physically, Mentally & Socially.
  • Ayurveda research & Production plant.

Your valuable support and suggestions are welcome :

A big thank you.

!!Om Shanti!!