World Welfare Mission

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Vision and Mission


Our vision is to promote natural health care across the globe by adapting Nature Cure way of life which is holistic, and which helps people learn how to activate their innate ability to get rid of diseases so that people do not suffer from preventable diseases and which, being natural, drugless, heals without side effect! To make the patient understand the abundance of nature medicines, inculcate among them the habit of vegetarianism, regulated eating habits, Yoga, life style modification and to take the concept to all strata of the society.


Our mission is to continue to provide high quality, effective, Nature Cure treatment which is preventive, educative and curative, to the suffering humanity, to be world's leading health care provider in the field of natural healing by promoting a healthy and spiritual life style among citizens through practicing a drugless regimen comprising Naturopathy, Yoga, Meditation, Diet, Spiritual lifestyle, proper counseling and Ayurvedic treatments, such as Shirodhara, Basti etc, in an eco-friendly center with spiritual atmosphere to provide ample space for Mind, Body & Soul! To offer high quality medical services including using best in class diagnostic equipments to cater an error free diagnosis, and above all, to encourage people to get into life-style correction by educating them about how to take care of their own Mind-Body-Soul and to prevent diseases without the help of any external agency and achieve their best possible health ambition for a disease-free, peaceful and high quality life!


We have adopted the God conscious service. Following the teachings of Divine love & Blissfulness!