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Counseling & Healing Services

Need Professional Help For Mental Health & Counseling?
Global Helpline/Whatsapp: +91 8802020915, 9350064643

  • Personal Counseling & Consultation.
  • TTC Life Coach & Counseling. Professional Certificate Course.
  • Corporate Mental Health & Counseling Workshop.
  • Institutional Mental Health & Counseling for Students & Teachers.

Personal counseling & consultation


  • Meet motivational psychology expert, Mind & Happiness Coach, Corporate Stress Management Trainer, spiritual counselor, Yoga & Meditation faculty, Author & Global Healer, Acharya Krishna Deo. He has over 15 years of experience in relevant field. Through phone or online counseling, he can help you get through this tough time and help you feel better.
  • Convenient:
  • Wherever you are in the world, get the benefit of sitting on virtual couch and having a session on your Smartphone or computer via Tele call, Zoom, Whatsapp Video/Call or Skype.
  • Get Prepared:
  • Had a sleepless night? Worried about family or work conflicts? Facing trials and tribulations in court or the court of public opinion? Acharya's here to help you get relief from your anxiety and prepare you for your day. Make an appointment or check Acharya's availability now for a quick session.
  • Helpline/Whatsapp: +91 8802020915.
  • We are just a call away from you.
  • Or you can simply fill up and submit this form to arrange a call back:
  • Spiritual Counseling / Strategic Consultation to design a blissful life.
  • Your one share can save someone's life.

(Worldwide presence. Our 100+ registered, highly qualified, highly experienced wellness expert from India and overseas are ready to render their best services including Yoga, Yoga Therapy, TTC- Teachers Training Course, 26+ Yogic Breathing Techniques, 112 Guided Meditation, Diet Plan, Diet Therapy, Life Coach, Mind & Happiness Counseling, Art of Parenting, Stress Management, Spiritual Discourses, Corporate / Institutional Workshop, Social Seminar etc.)

TTC Life Coach & Counselor Course: ADMISSION OPEN

Helpline/Whatsapp: +91 8802020915, 9350064643

Join World Welfare Mission's International Certificate Course.

'Life Coach & Emotional Freedom Mastery' Certificate Course.

Live Online/Offline Course starts every Monday.

Not more than 10 students in one batch.

Limited seats.

Proper grooming.

Work as a life coach and counselor in Corporate Houses, Colleges, Schools, University, Coaching Centers, and Hospitals, start your own counseling center or work from home as a freelancer.

Heal and help the world online / offline.

Classes on weekdays or weekends.

  • Duration: Level 1, one month. Total 24 hours.
  • One hour comprehensive training per day on weekdays. Or three hours per day on weekends.

Course Contents:

You are not here to suffer anymore. Learn how to break the unwanted traps of sufferings. You have full right to celebrate every moment of life!

World Welfare Mission's Life Coach & Emotional Freedom Mastery

Professional Certificate Course: Level -1 contents:

  • Applied Simple Spiritual Philosophy’
  • Life Manual for Permanent Happiness.
  • Art of Counseling.
  • Art of Probing to find out the root cause of problem.
  • Communication Therapy.
  • Psycho Therapy.
  • Cleansing & Healing the Grudges.
  • Karmic Cleansing Process.
  • Reset your mind in original form by cleansing worldly contamination.
  • Know your "Mental Vastu Dosh" and How to Tune your frequency with divine nature.
  • Understanding Simple Human Psychology.
  • Root cause of sufferings & solution.
  • Emotion balance/Emotional Healing.
  • Fear & Phobia Management.
  • Stress Management.
  • Anger Management.
  • Self confidence, Leadership & self inspiration.
  • Mind Mastery & Life Excellence with "Bhagawad Gita"
  • Power of Subconscious Mind & Law of attraction.
  • Basic NLP- Neuro Linguistics Programming.
  • Understanding your journey as a Human. The actual purpose of life.
  • Understanding Law Of Karma and it's relevance in modern age.
  • Quantum Physics: The science of unrealistic reality.
  • The Science Of Healing/Cosmic Energy.
  • Practical Pranic Healing.
  • Twin Heart Meditation.
  • Mindful Meditation.
  • IRT & QRT.
  • Simple Therapeutic Yoga & Miracle of Yogic Breathing.
  • Child Counseling.
  • Student Counseling.
  • Sound Healing. Singing Buddha Bell Meditation.
  • Mantra Healing.
  • Miracles of Acceptance
  • Power of Visualization.
  • Miracles of Affirmation.
  • Self Realisation of true potential.
  • Life long inspiration.
  • Conflict Management.
  • 7 Golden Secrets from Veda for Stress Management.
  • Behavior Management for all round success in life.
  • Chakra Awakening/Kundalini Meditation.
  • Chakra & Emotional Healing.
  • Distant Healing.
  • Heal your sufferings: Mental, Physical, Family, Social, Relationship, Financial, Professional, Business, Health, Job, Property etc.
  • Help other people in healing their sufferings.
  • Treat Depression, Anxiety and other mental disorders without any medicine and complications.
  • Heal cases of Black magic, Ancestral issues, Ghost/Spirit, Past life issues.
  • Help people with chronic ailments to heal their disease.
  • Help stuck Souls to cross-over.

"Doctors Heals the world, We heal the doctors".

Global Helpline/whatsapp: +91 8802020915 or submit this form:

Stress & Depression Cases are increasing worldwide! Most of the people are spiritually ignorant, directionless, living an aimless life. Even after getting higher education, higher position and worldly achievements.. not aware of the true potential of real self.

 Be an equipped warrior and provide a genuine guidance to people in need! Heal and help the individuals and society for a better life.

 This course will transform YOUR LIFE first!! Than you can genuinely help others. Save lives by giving right consultation for a meaningful & self motivated life.

 Instruction language: Hindi and English.

 After training and certification, you can run your own  healing center or you can add this service in your existing services.

You can charge ₹3000, ₹5000, ₹10000 or ₹50000/- per session. Life coaching/counseling/healing/consultation per session.

Course conducted by:

Acharya Krishna Deo

He is a Global Healer, Mind & Happiness Coach, Author, International Life & Mind Management Coach, Corporate Wellness & Stress Management Guru, Motivational speaker, Preacher, Healing Yoga & Meditation Faculty, Founder Chairman - World Welfare Mission. President- Mind Management & Blissful Life Foundation.

He inspires and encourages individuals to realize their true potential. His 15+ years of mind research, yogic energy and spiritual realization has put thousands of people on the path of success and fulfillment.

His programs include Samsung, L & T, Indian Air Force, Bank of India, Syndicate Bank, Amity University, DS Group, Encore Capital Group, HSIL, ITBP, Indian Army, KCT Group, Kasturi Ram Collage of Higher Education, Shalimar Paints, The HHI hotel, Hayatt Hotels, NEWS 24, News Nation TV, ZEE TV, Genpact AIG, Lions Club International, Rotary Club International, Schneider Electronics and many more.

 Thousands of people have benefited from his dynamic workshops in corporate houses, Institutions and social seminars and heard him as keynote speaker. He has appeared in numerous television shows, national and International Magazines. Social thinker and Columnist for some national and international wellness magazines, blogs and forums.

 Former 'HOD Yoga' at Maharishi Ayurveda Hospital Delhi.

 Former MNC Manager 'HSBC' Bank.

 Life Coach & Counselor at 'Krsna Yoga & Naturopathy Center' Delhi.

Member and adviser of many social and spiritual organizations.

 Author of best selling book "Yoga & Nature Cure for Diabetes" (available on

 His mind coach and spiritual counseling has helped many common and renowned personalities to come out of suicidel tendencies, stress, depression, health issues, relationship issues and complicated cases.

 Global Helpline/Whatsapp: +91 8802020915 to know more. (Between 9am - 6 pm IST)

 You can share with your friends and family.

 Special batch available for corporate groups, Institutions, Social Groups, Like minded friends’ n family members.